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Frequently Asked Questions

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About product

The main raw material is phenol resin.
It is one of the synthetic resins, and it is mainly used for "automobile brake pads" and "PC semiconductor encapsulation solvent". To put it in a familiar way, it is used in "nylon scrubbing brushes", "inner coating of beverage cans (preventing rust)" and "handle of kitchen knife".

There are 3 types. The difference is "hardness" in three types: "hard", "standard", and "soft".
In addition, it is divided by size. It is "Uncut size", "Jumbo size", "King size that is perfect for flower vases", "Big size that is perfect for Flower stand, etc." In addition, we have an abundant selection of "Duet (1/2 size)", "Trio (1/3 size)", "Half slice size", "1/3 slice size" etc.We also support custom cutting.

Since phenol resin is used as the main raw material, it gradually discolors when exposed to ultraviolet rays and air for a long period of time.
Please avoid storing in places with high temperature and direct sunlight during storage. In addition, some products that have been more than a year old have changed to a slightly yellowish green color, but there is no problem with the water absorption performance "similar to discoloration with ultraviolet rays."

Manufactured in a good environment, surrounded by mountains on all sides, in Tamba City, Hyogo Prefecture.
Manufactured in a good environment, surrounded by mountains on all sides, in Tamba City, Hyogo Prefecture.

Aqua color foam, like ordinary floral foam for fresh flowers, is made with phenolic resin as the main raw material.
As long as phenol resin is used, fading due to ultraviolet rays cannot be avoided, but it is important that flowers, which are the characteristics of ordinary "Aquafoam", are easy to insert, water absorption time is short, and water retention is excellent.
Also, like ordinary "Aquafoam", it has been developed with priority given to environmentally friendly products that do not generate harmful substances. Color powder uses the same raw material, so it is a very fine product.

How to use

When used at temperatures below 10℃, such as when the water temperature is extremely low, such as in winter, the water absorption time may be extremely long. In such cases, we recommend absorbing water at a water temperature of 20℃ or higher.
The water absorption time will be shortened by increasing the water temperature. For the relationship between water temperature and water absorption time, refer to "Techniques that utilize the water absorption characteristics of aqua foam."

It has attracted a great deal of attention as a highly safe product in other fields as it has started to be used as an industrial product such as a molding material and a cushioning material for transportation, and as a medium material for facility cultivation.

Aquafoam can quickly respond to various customer requests by taking advantage of the fact that it is produced at production plants in Japan.
Since it is not a standard specification (besides custom cutting), it costs a little bit, but if you cut a large amount, it can be provided at a lower cost than labor cost, so please feel free to contact us.

At the time of water absorption inspection, the water temperature is set to 20℃ for inspection. Based on that 20℃, when you see a water temperature of 10℃, the water absorption time will be extended by about 10 seconds.
On the contrary, when the water temperature is 30℃, it is about 10 seconds shorter. In other words, there is a difference in water absorption time of about 1 second at 1℃. Using this characteristic, it is possible to shorten the water absorption time by raising the water temperature to absorb water. Also, please be aware that if the water temperature is below 5℃, the water absorption time may become extremely long or water absorption may stop.
Techniques that utilize the water absorption properties of aqua foam
Almost all floral foams made from phenolic resin are acidic. As a result, flowers such as gerbera, which are generally weak to acid, are more prone to wither when inserted in the foam than other flowers.
To solve this and prolong the life of the flower, the method shown in the figure is recommended. When water is absorbed with the engraved side facing up as usual, you can extend the life of the flower by taking it out and inserting the flower with the side opposite the engraved side facing up. If you want to insert a flower with the engraved surface facing up, you can do the reverse.
Techniques that can be used for acid-sensitive flowers

Storage / processing

The color may change due to the influence of sunlight or fluorescent light or the passage of time, but this does not affect the quality.
However, we recommend that you store it in a place where it is not exposed to direct sunlight. Also, since it is a water-absorbing product, it may repeatedly absorb and discharge in high temperature and humidity, and the quality may deteriorate.

Although Aquafoam does not produce dioxin even when burned, basically dispose of it according to the disposal method of the country or local government.
You can also use the foam you no longer need by crushing it finely and mixing it with garden soil. The plant grows well because it contains a lot of air and water.

*Depending on each country, there are restrictions on disposal methods and use of garden soil. Follow the laws of each country. We are not responsible for any violation.

In order to have antiseptic effect on our foam, we keep the foam weakly acidic, which suppresses the growth of bacteria.
Of course, the degree of water rot will vary depending on the temperature, water temperature, the amount of flowers used, and the degree of decay of the flowers themselves, but the effect of suppressing water rot can be obtained compared to vase water that does not use foam. .


If a child accidentally eats Aquafoam, it is not toxic and there is no problem.
Don't force them to vomit and wait for them to come out with the food scraps. If you swallow a large amount or if you feel unwell, please contact your local medical institution.

If powder gets in your eyes, rinse with running water without rubbing. If you still feel a foreign body, consult a doctor.

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