About Matsumura Aqua Co., Ltd.

Matsumura Aqua Co., Ltd. opened production plants as continuous formation
of floral foams only in Japan at that time.
In 1993, we set up a factory available to produce floral foams without using Freon gas.
It was the faster launch among competitors.

Strong production system to deliver high-quality products
We produce a full range of products under a severe administrative setup.
High-quality products are being sent to florists and flower designers anywhere in the country.
Formation of floral foam technology is keeping excellent progress
Our everyday challenge to deliver high-quality products with cooperation of research institutions
keeps our customers satisfied.
Aggressive business developing to new market
Aquafoam always get highly-esteem as essential products for florists and flower designers
since it was released.
In addition, we work positively for new business development.
Excellent property of Aquafoam receives much attention from new customers as roof greening,
growing region, moulage and cushioning material for safety.