Matsumura Aqua Co., Ltd.Matsumura Aqua Co., Ltd.

Water absorption foam made in Japan that is kind to flowers and the earth
Matsumura Aqua Co., Ltd. Company Profile

Company Profile

Company name Matsumura Aqua Co., Ltd.
Head office
3-2-23, Nagado, Higashiosaka City, Osaka Prefecture
tel (06) 6782-3336 (main) fax (06) 6783-6343
401-1 Koninya, Minami-cho, Tamba City, Hyogo Prefecture
tel (0795) 76-0846 (substitute) fax (0795) 76-0849
Establishment 1992/10/12
Capital 30 million yen
Representative Representative Director Keizo Matsumura
Business content ・ Manufacturing and processing of water-absorbent foam for fresh flowers by foaming phenolic resin.
・ Manufacturing and processing of cultivated soil for horticulture and granular foam for artificial lightweight soil for agriculture by foaming phenolic resin.
・ Manufacture of other industrial products.
Number of employees 35 people
Main Bank Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Kosaka Branch
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