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Water absorption foam made in Japan that is kind to flowers and the earth
Matsumura Aqua Co., Ltd. Aquaform

About Aquafoam

As a floral foam Reasons for choosing "Aquafoam"

Make long lasting
Naturally derived ingredient
I want to create a foam that is easy on flowers. The answer lies in the naturally derived ingredients. By blending "gentleness ingredients" that give flowers as little stress as possible, the flower life is increased by 1.5 to 2 times (compared to our company)! We are particular about the ingredients to enjoy beauty for a long time.
What is
”Maid in Japan”
Aquafoam is a water-absorbent foam that has high water-absorbing, water-retaining and holding power. High quality and speedy and small-lot production "are the services that can meet each customer's needs. What
Things that are kind to
the earth and people
Of course, aquaforms are "friendly to the earth and people" as well as flowers. With the kindness of domestic production, such as non-fluorocarbon gas production, low formaldehyde compatibility, and selection of raw materials for dioxin countermeasures, we are also particular about environmental protection and human body safety.
Water absorption
When it floats on water, it absorbs water quickly and absorbs water for about 60 seconds. ∗When the water temperature is approximately 20℃
Water retention
The uniform cell structure catches water, and the drainage is less than 1%. ∗1hour after standing vertically
Water absorption
Firmly hold flowers, holding power from 5 directions. ∗It is the difference in hardness. Standard, hard, soft, dry foam, artificial foam


Expand the expression of the florist Design cut

Since it can be cut into any shape, a specially designed cut foam that expands the range of arrangements. Not only the hardness of hardware and software, but also the color can be selected, so you can further embody your image. Please use it for various occasions such as gifts and events.



Reliable quality because it is made in Japan

Produced under thorough quality control, from selecting raw materials to shipping products. We handle each one carefully and ensure quality. It is because domestic production that "more speedy and smaller lots" such as special cuts according to customer's request are possible. We are recycling the waste materials and non-standard products without discarding them, and consider the environment.



Produced under a thorough management system in an environment surrounded by nature in Tamba City, Hyogo Prefecture.
Non-CFC gas production
We use eco-friendly manufacturing without using CFCs, which is a cause of environmental damage.
Dioxin measures
We select eco-friendly materials as raw materials, and do not use materials that produce harmful substances even when burned.
Low formaldehyde compatible
The amount of formaldehyde used has been minimized to achieve a low level equivalent to that of residential building materials.
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