What is Aquafoam?

Aquafoam is the generic name for floral foams that is produced as water absorption floral foam by Matsumura Aqua Co., Ltd.
They are made mostly from phenol resin and produced 100 % domestically.Aquafoam has excellent water-absorbing , water-holding property and moderate hardness to support cut flowers.Our product lineup matches the needs of a client. It includes brick shaped floral foams, related products like Bridey, Aquadry, Foams for artificial flowers and color foams. They are extensively supported by florists and flower designers.

Our ecological sensitivity

Production without Freon gas
Aquafoam is earth and flower -friendly items. As they are produced without Freon gas that is one of the reasons of ozone layer destruction.
Low formalinization products
Aquafoams adjust to Japanese tough standard like F-☆☆☆ requirement mandated by JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards).
No pollution even burned Aquafoam
Aquafoam as well as related products are non-polluter products even burned with low temperature. They do not be a cause emissions of dioxin.As their plastic parts are made of ABS resin.

Feature of Aquafoam

cell pictureFloral foam is made up of cell geometry's ensemble as left circle.
The size of one cell is very small and it is hundreds of um.
It is contiguous bubble. So they have a high water absorption rate.

The beginnings of Aquafoam

We, Matsumura Kogei Co., Ltd. know the minutest details of floral foam. To provide bette ones, we made up Aquafoam and started to sell them in 1991. Till then, we were an exclusive agent of foreign floral foam.
But, to respond Japanese customer's real needs, we decided to produce Aquafoam. It was the only floral foam that was made in Japan at that time. We set up a factory a start from zero, and through a trial and error process. Our engines for development of Aquafoam were a spirit of challenge and ambition. Our spirit of challenge based on passion to produce Japanese floral foam with top quality. Our ambition was with the sole purpose of pleasing and surprising Japanese florists and flower designers.

During our development of Aquafoam, we stocked existing floral foam to supply customers. Just before out of its stock, we finally achieved to produce Aquafoam with satisfactory level of result. But, at that time, Freon gas raised as global environmental matter. We decided to remove Freon gas during our process for production. As our priority was protection of environment.

This experience gave us a spirit to seek and develop "evolving Aquafoam". And now, its spirit stays us. After 1 year of another trial and error process, we succeeded to remove Freon gas from our production process. After an enormous amount of hard work, renewed Aquafoam got better level of water-absorbing , water-holding property.
We organized a new production lines and operated factory without Freon gas. It was the faster launch among competitors.
Our ecologically-minded policy made us succeeded to reduction of formaldehyde and we choose materials that has no dioxin emissions. As just described, we are still investigated in development.